Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Mercedes-Benz GLA

The Sexiest SUV by Mercedes The new GLA. ..Always restless.
 For seekers and the curious, Those who want to discover something new each day .It is for those who don't see distance as an obstacle but as an enrichment .Finally it is for  those people who loves driving and off-roading. Urban sportiness and rugged off-road elements team up in an SUV which is at home all over the world.
According to Mercedes , it is the design of the new GLA impressively demonstrates just what the S in SUV stands for. Sportiness – from every perspective.
its progressive character is rounded off with classic SUV styling elements. The fitted roof rails, the simulated under ride guard and the black, grained elements lend this exceptional SUV an athletic appearance. What's more, the matt MAGNO paint finish makes the GLA even more of a trendsetter.
The interior also carries forward the sporty appearance: the integral seats ensure not only agile spaciousness, but also hold vehicle occupants firmly in place in all situations. And with such a rousing vehicle design, this is definitely a good idea. Watch this video for enjoying the features of GLA .