Do you Believe this is the World's first Ultra-Luxury electric Vehicle : Rolls Royce Spectre


Price $413,000

Do you Believe this is the World's first Ultra-Luxury electric Vehicle : Rolls Royce Spectre ?Day by day all Automobile brands are shifting towards the electric world. It’s the entrance time for Rolls-Royce by the name of Spectre in to the electric world and it is the beginning of an era that will see the entire model portfolio electrified by 2030. It is the most powerful Rolls-Royce ever. The new Spectre produces 577-horsepower 664 lb-ft of torque with all- wheel drive. With help of it it reaches 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds and hit the top speed of 155 mph. In single charge you will travel upto 520 Km. According to Rolls Royce this specifications may be changing following the car’s final phase of testing in Q2 2023.  Its price positions it between the Cullinan SUV and Phantom sedan.

It is spiritual successor to the Phantom Coupe an emblem of artisanship in perfect harmony with electric technology. First time you will see the 23” wheels in the Rolls Royce. The effect is impressive from an aesthetic and performance perspective. For drivers who find themselves upon icy, snow-covered surfaces, coupling the wheels with winter tyres is relished. Moreover, the Doors are the largest of any Rolls-Royce, measuring 1.5 metres in length. Their generous size makes the act of entering and exiting the motor car a graceful act. Open and close them with the touch of a button. Think of their effortless technology as a built-in chauffeur, always on hand and at your perennial service.

The arrival of Spectre brings with it the Aero Two-Tone finish. Pronouncing Spectre’s strong design lines and athleticism, the upper colour runs across the bonnet and along the sweeping fastback roofline — excluding the side pillars and creating a bold stripe down the body. The audacious colour split further animates Spectre’s on-road presence.

Impressive front light perfectly matches with the front grill and the vertical tail lights pay homage to the iconic illuminated grille and its upright vanes.

Spectre's illuminated doors are radiant with 4,976 baclit perforations, each star positioned by hand. These constellations form a luminous symphony with the startlight headliner, transcending boundaries of design.

Power consumption: 2.9* mi/kWh,21.5*kWh/100km. Electric range 323* mi/520* km. NEDC:- Co2 emissions 0g/km

Still there is no rivals presently, but you can consider Cadillac Celestiq ultra- luxury EV, in this segment and  has cost $300,000 in the USA.


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