2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca in Action

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302: The Legend Returns
Building on the spirit of the 1969 Mustang Boss 302 – one of the most sought-after examples of American performance in the world – the groundbreaking GT has been distilled to its purest form. Every component has been examined, each system strengthened, lightened and refined. The result is the 2012 Mustang Boss 302, a street-legal race car destined to be America's next performance legend.
 . That meant creating an exterior that's every bit as lean and mean as its predecessor, and backing it with a 444 hp* beast under the hood. See how the Ford engineers prepared the 2012 Mustang Boss® 302 for the streets.
what's  new in It ?

Front air splitter

The front air splitter, included in the Laguna Seca Package* as a customer-installed item, not only gives the Mustang Boss 302 a more aggressive look, it generates additional down-force for superior road holding.

Three-Gauge Package

Three-Gauge Package, positioned on top of the instrument panel, monitors engine temperature, oil pressure and other performance stats. Only included in the Laguna 

Brembo™ brakes

The Boss® 302 brake system is engineered to improve stopping on the road and track. It comes standard on the Mustang Boss® 302.

Hi-Po 4V Ti-VCT V8 engine

The 444-horsepower* Hi-Po 302 4V Ti-VCT V8 engine features a "runner in the box" intake manifold and forged pistons, sodium valves, valve springs, new rods, oil cooler, and high-lift cams. This engine is capable of 7,500 rpm.

Laguna Seca rear badge

More declaration than decoration, the rear badge on the 2012 Mustang Boss® 302 with Laguna Seca Package* nods to the raceway where it was developed and tested.

Rear seat delete with stabilizer brace

The Mustang boss© 302 with the Laguna Seca Package* is not only built up for handling prowess, it's also stripped down to the essentials for the track, offering a rear seat delete with stabilizer brace for increased torsional rigidity.

Adjustable front and rear shocks

Unique suspension tuning includes fully adjustable shock absorbers, which make it possible to optimize the suspension to individual racetracks.

Exhaust system

The quad exhausts surround you in that unmistakable growl.
Pre-production model shown. Production model may vary.
Coming spring 2011.