Buy the DeLorean from Back to the Future III

Great Scott! Amid all the new cars being unveiled at the LA Auto Show, here’s another true classic from across the pond: the actual DeLorean DMC-12 used in Back to the Future III. And it’s for sale.

According to its concessionaires, American auctionists Profiles in History, this one was used in the 1955 drive-in movie scene and is one of just three privately-owned genuine movie cars.

After filming, it sat in a car park at Universal Studios for 14-odd years, with a short time on display at the Peterson Automotive Museum in LA. It comes with a Universal Studios certificate of authenticity and an original signed Bill of Sale with the Vehicle Identification Number.

And the reckoning? Profiles in History reckon it’ll fetch between $400,000 (Rs 2.03 crore) and $600,000 (Rs 3.05 crore).

source: bbc topgear