Ferrari 612 GTO

612 is the  NEFERTITI of Ferrari .
The Ferrari 612 GTO is a design study of a possible future Ferrari sportscar characterized by an aggressive design which combines both traditional and modern styling cues. It was created by German designer Sasha Selipanov .

The Ferrari 612 GTO is a very interesting proposal by German Sasha Selipanov.  Acording to carbodydesign the concept combines design elements from the current Ferrari model line-up – such as the front headlights – with Aston-Martin-like proportions and styling cues from the past – the whole rear end with its prominent shoulders is reminescent of the sportscars of the 1960′s such as the 250 GTO. 

Acording to DreamWheels it is nefertiti of ferrari. It's aggressive and heavy looks makes 612 a beautiful car.The 612 design is inspired from 458 Spider and california. It is concept proposal for the next generation 612 Scaglietti, but with the high performance GTO twist and completely revised aesthetics.For  the 612 GTO concept  sasha has used influences form the classic Ferrari 250 GTO- which is evident in the triple air intakes molded into hood.

you can see the wallpaper of 612 GTO below :