BMW 328i

There are a lot of fun cars, there are a lot of quality cars, there are a lot of reliable cars, there are a lot of value for money cars. But hard as it may be to understand, there are very few cars that does all of these. If a car’s fun, it may either be unreliable or too expensive. If it’s very good on quality, it may put you to sleep when on the driver’s seat. So really, the BMW 3 is as infrequent as shooting star on a smoggy Mumbai skyline.

Now, BMW has a new one, which will hit Indian shores by June. You see, the current 3-series had a lot of firsts and got a lot of things wrong. It’s got run-flat tyres, but ride was hard, it got iDrive, but many people don’t like use it. But it got one thing painstakingly right. It was a car that could put a wide smile on a hardcore driving enthusiast’s face. And you’d get four doors, four seats and a boot to go.

Is the new 3 that kind of a killer driver’s car? We couldn’t put it through on Indian roads, but I’d say it’s not as sharp as the current 3. There’s a bit of body roll, the steering doesn’t feel as quick reacting. But then, the new 3 gains a lot more for the trade offs. Ride is much more supple, your passengers won’t puke even if you are driving enthusiastically. It gets featues like heads-up display (info beamed on the windshield), adjustable suspension settings, More importantly, it’s much more of a driver’s than the C-class and the A4.The ENGINE CAPICITY is 2litre (1997cc)  Top speed of 328i is
 155.34 mph (250 km/h)  and the acceleration 0- 100 Kmph in 5.9 seconds .

But would he trade in the smile the current 3 puts on your face for the comforts and better rounded abilities of the new 3. Let it get here, and we’ll tell you.

iDrive Technology 

Many functions, just a few buttons: with the iDrive system you have full control over all functions of the new BMW 3 Series Sedan, from navigation system to integrated operating manual. Simple and intuitive. The iDrive system is integrated as standard in every new BMW 3 Series Sedan model.
Convenience functions such as navigation, special features of the automatic climate control and BMW Assist are regulated using the iDrive Controller on the central console. The Controller can be operated with one hand as well as from the front passenger seat. Thanks to a clear feedback signal, it requires only minimum attention.

Direct selection keys make the menus for navigation (in combination with BMW Navigation systems Business or Professional) telephone and music (radio and audio CD) accessible at the push of a button. In addition, eight favourite keys are available for you to save your preferred settings such as radio stations, destinations and telephone numbers.

All functions are shown in the Control Display on the instrument panel. Coloured markings instantly indicate which functional area you are in. The standard 6.5-inch Control Display impresses with its extremely clear reproduction and brilliant colours. Together with the Navigation system Business, the display has a smartphone look with black panel technology. Yet a larger version is also available: in combination with the Navigation system Professional, the display size increases to 8.8 inches