The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X puts to rest a few scientific theories. Its advanced aerodynamic design and next generation technology challenge what has been said and written about power, force and acceleration. Making the Evo X a vehicle like no other on Indian roads today.
The Evo X is not meant to be driven. It’s intended to be experienced. Slip behind the wheel and you can feel the backing of expertise gained from the previous nine generations of Lancer Evolution. You also appreciate the rich and successful rallying history that helps deliver peak performance with true racing technology.

REFLECTING its racing technology which Mitsubishi Motors has developed over its long rally heritage, the Evo X is powered by new engine 1998 cc and 288.12 Bhp, the 4B11 MIVEC Twin Scroll Turbo Engine. The engine adopts the MIVEC variable valve timing system in both intake and exhaust camshafts. WITH CAM DIRECT-DRIVE AND IMPROVE EMISSIONS performance , the lightweight engine also increases maximum torque and achieves high output over the full range.
The Evo X packs a power of 216 Kw ( 294 Ps) @ 6500 rpm and 366 Nm ( 37.3 kgm) 23500 rpm high torque performance , which risponds sharply even to low rev.
The cylinder block, cam direct-drive and rear exhaust layout makes the system small and light , with low centre of gravity . the engine and driving system are also repositioned to achieve excellent driving performance.
Using an aluminium alloy compressor wheel and lightweight titanium-aluminum alloy turbine wheel , the turbocharger improves boost response, increase low and medium rev torque and maximizes intake efficiency.
TC-SST CONTROL MODE  The TC-SST control mode offers three drive modes with different transmission timing, speed and acceleration response, Using  the  toggle switch at the side of the shift lever, drivers can conveniently optimise driving experience under any road condition. 

[Normal mode] For daily driving. Smooth shift transmission and low fuel consumption. Changes gear during auto shift at low rev.
[Sports mode] For mountain driving. Swift shift transmission and sensitive acceleration response. Changes gear during auto shift at mid to high rev.
Drivers can enjoy smooth auto shift by using the ‘D’ position of the shift lever. The shift transmission timing and speed can be further changed with the TC-SST control mode.

The shift lever, or the ‘+’ and ‘-’ levers of the paddle shift, lets drivers experience manual-like driving easily. So, even during cruising with the shift lever at the ‘D’ position, drivers can instantly change to manual shift using the paddle shift.
The high performance sedan combines a sporty cockpit with a central panel that houses the most frequently used controls for comfortable operability to let the driver focus his attention on driving. The AWC mode control function is easily accessible on the console next to the steering wheel.

The suede like upholstery of the full bucket Recaro seats, lustrous deep black and silver accented interior and exclusively designed high-contrast instrument cluster, projects a sporty image in the sedan.

The S-AWC integrated control is intuitively responsive to create a safe yet thrilling drive.
The ACD and ASC regulate both the drive force and brake force accordingly to road surfaces and the degree of acceleration. To allow the sedan to accelerate faster and smoother, the two systems prevent wheels from slipping, and allow maximum drive force on road surface.

BRAKING  By exerting a steady brake force and preventing wheels from locking,the ACD and ABS help to shorten the braking distance, resulting in more reliable braking for drivers.
ENTERING A CORNER As the sedan enters a corner, the AYC and ABS help to stablise the turning.

CORNERING The ACD and AYC provide optimal 4-wheel driving control. The two systems improve cornering performance, and at the same time, maintain traction.
UNDERSTEER To prevent understeering, the AYC and ASC work seamlessly to create a safe ride.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Price in India Starts at Rs 49,95000 in Ex-showroom in New Delhi. 


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