Volkswagen XL1

The German company Volkswagen unveiled the XL1 concept car, new Touareg, Beetle and their Think Blue, Drive Blue theme at the 2012 Auto Expo. The Touareg will be on sale officially in India from April 2012.

The most interesting Car is in between them, the XL1. It is the Futuristic  Concept car. And every one want to know about that what is the  future of  automobile ?The XL1 concept is powered by a 0.8-litre plug in hybrid diesel engine generating a maximum power of 48PS and delivering an unbelievable 111kmpl fuel efficiency. After hearing about it’s  Fuel efficiency i have  wondered and asking  them again about its efficiency 111kmpl .


About its design , when I have seen it first time , it has  stunning. It’s look like the Futuristic robotic car or a spaceship . the  upward Door opening is good , that are fully match with its design . But  form the side view the rear wheel are missing . Means the Volkswagen designers present the unique design ,they cover its rear wheel .I don’t know why? I thought that this is due to some technical reasons Or some thing related with their efficiency.