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High performance, outstanding technology and the true sensation of motor sports can be expressed in one single letter: M. M Power World offers exclusive information on M high-performance cars – and is the place for everyone united by a common passion: the thrill of the strongest letter in the world.
M Power World is every bit as unique as the BMW M automobiles themselves. It is where BMW M fans can obtain exclusive information on the high-performance sports cars by BMW M. And much more besides: from a direct look behind the scenes of BMW M GmbH, and an online forum for exchanging experiences with other BMW M drivers, to the service section with direct contact to the BMW trading division.

If you want to experience BMW M direct and undiluted, come and explore the virtual world of BMW M Power.
This is the brand new BMW M6

If M was a soup, BMW has ladled every last drop into this, apparently. Assembled ladies and gentlemen, meet the all-new BMW M6.

It has been given, says BMW, a "generous dose of M feeling", by which of course, it means a cosmically powerful engine and lots of oversteer.

It's the second M car to get the very highly pumped 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine - first seen on the rather smashing new M5 - and therefore boasts 552bhp and 680Nm of torque. That's more power than the Jaguar XKR-S. Power, naturally, goes to the rear wheels via a seven-speed M double clutch gearbox with launch control.

As such, BMW quotes a 0-100kph time of 4.2 seconds for the Coupe, and 4.3 seconds for the Convertible, 0-200kph in 12.6 seconds (13.1s for the drop-top) and the option of a 305kph top speed with the ‘M Driver's Package'.

Despite this herculean power and acceleration, BMW still reckons the Coupe will return 12.1kpl, though we suspect anyone achieving this hasn't really got the point of a twin-turbo V8. There's a carbon-fibre reinforced plastic roof for the coup', start-stop, and other Efficient Dynamics stuff, which brings CO2 emissions to 232g/km (239g/km for the convertible).

Driving dynamics.

This car does not follow an example but a philosophy. With technology from the racing circuit. And with comfort that meets the highest requirements: those of everyday use.

The BMW M6 Coupé: extravagant character and ultimate driving machine in one. Not built for the mainstream but for the limits of automobile physics. Typical of BMW M. High performance that sets standards in every respect. With an M TwinPower Turbo V-8 engine and a seven-speed M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic for maximum power and supreme efficiency in every range of engine speed. And with a high-performance chassis that combines razor-sharp precision with outstanding agility. 

Are complete control and free personality development mutually exclusive? The freely programmable M Drive vehicle setups in the BMW M6 Coupé impressively proves that they are not.
There's an M differential between the rear wheels for better traction and stability during "dynamic lane changes and accelerating out of corners", and as expected, you get the full menu of dynamic damper control, DSC, lightweight brakes (with an option for M carbon-ceramics), and the customary Big Fat Button Of M, to call up previously stored car setup configurations. Set it to maximum and then sellotape it.

The Big Six gets a modelled lower air intake, flared arches - to compensate for the 30mm extra track width over the standard car - M gills, a rear apron with diffusers, twin exhausts and 19in wheels. 20s are an option. Inside, there's lots of M badging, some leather, carbon fibre strips, illuminated sills and some digital assistants including lane departure warning, surround view, night vision with pedestrian recognition (do you really need a computer to tell you what a human looks like?) and Internet access.

Using only the power vested inside your brain, let us know what you think of these two-tonne heavyweight contenders.

Design :

Exterior design.

Maximum performance creates an extremely attractive effect. From every perspective. Even when standing still, the BMW M6 Coupé demonstrates its exceptional power capacity.
Guiding power from the wind tunnel. The extremely low slung front apron with the generously dimensioned air inlets uses the laws of aerodynamics – to optimise driving stability and ventilation of the high-performance engine. While the double kidney grille with M6 emblem reveals what elemental force is at work behind the black double slats, the Adaptive LED Headlights dynamically follow the ideal line – 
in design and function.

The powerfully modelled side is governed by the character line which has its origins in the M air vents with integrated indicators. It reinforces the visual dominance of the muscular, flared wheel housings which provide an appropriate setting for the standard 19" or optional 20" light-alloy wheels. The sporting tail underlines the broad track width, while rear diffusor and M twin tailpipes impressively round off the rear of the vehicle.

Interior design.

Pole position for the driver. The cockpit of the BMW M6 Coupé is systematically tailored to the driver and to operating at the limits. Exemplary ergonomics guarantee perfect mastery of the vehicle in every situation.
Admission to the top level of exclusive functionality involves crossing the illuminated M6 entry sill onto to the M seat with its distinctly moulded side supports. Made-to-measure comfort that holds the body exactly in position even during strong lateral acceleration forces.

Fine materials and sporty design elements such as the interior carbon fibre trim strips create the luxurious experience of space. The M leather steering wheel is securely in charge of bends, gear shifts and key system functions such as M Drive, cruise control, telephone and audio system. The instrument panel with M emblem signals maximum performance capacity, M-specific information as well as the modified displays for speed and revs are in characteristic M style with red needles. The roof liner in Anthracite perfectly rounds off the sporting ambience.

Carbon roof.

Ultra lightweight with finesse. The contoured roof made of CFRP high-tech material effectively lowers the weight and centre of gravity for even better driving characteristics.
Whether in motor racing or in aviation – wherever maximum performance has to be supplied with minimum weight under extreme conditions, carbon-fibre reinforced plastic is employed. In the BMW M6 Coupé, this innovative composite material with its outstanding properties guarantees a maximum of stability and protection. The lower weight reduces the vehicle’s centre of gravity – the basis for even more precise handling and higher speeds when cornering.

Dynamic contours follow the ideal line of characteristic M design, thus giving the roof an elongated appearance. The BMW M6 Coupé appears to lie even lower and more firmly on the road.

M carbon ceramic brakes.

Often centimetres are crucial on the finishing line. During everyday braking as well. The optional M carbon ceramic brakes are the most effective way of stopping a BMW M model. Clearly recognisable by the brake callipers in fine matt gold with M logo.
Sophisticated use of the high-tech materials carbon and ceramic guarantees a sensitive response, exact control, increased fading stability and thermal resistance even in extreme situations. 
Compared to the M compound brake disc, the carbon ceramic disc weighs a further 50% less – a clear weight advantage and a reduction in unsprung masses, which has a positive effect on fuel consumption, performance and steering precision. Exceptionally resistant to corrosion, the M carbon ceramic brakes with their long service life also slow down wear. M carbon ceramic brakes will be available from July 2012 and can only be ordered in combination with the 20” M light-alloy wheels.

M chassis.

Even when designing the chassis, BMW M GmbH pursues only one aim: the optimum. In every driving situation, the BMW M6 Coupé supplies the proof: mission accomplished.
The chassis of the BMW M6 Coupé sets new benchmarks on asphalt. With its broad track width, perfect road holding, unique steering precision and superior handling. Tuned on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring.

Select reinforcements and struts maximise stability, innovative technologies optimise the driving characteristics. Dynamic Damping Control adapts the suspension individually, with the driver choosing between Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus. Even individually programmed vehicle setups ranging from comfortable to ultra sporty can be activated at the press of a button on the steering wheel. As the final consequence: in M Dynamic Mode the regulating tolerance of Dynamic Stability Control operates at the limit – it only intervenes to stabilise in critical situations.

M Servotronic.

Greater variation brings more precision. When applied to steering, this is not a contradiction but a decisive advantage of the M Servotronic. It dynamically adapts steering resistance to speed.
The M Servotronic provides maximum precision for every bend – regardless of whether taken in sportingly ambitious style or at walking pace. Programmed parameters guarantee ideal steering characteristics in every driving situation. 
To improve, stability, steering resistance increases as speed rises. In contrast, 
on winding urban roads or during parking manoeuvres, the driver benefits from 
a lower steering resistance – the BMW M6 Coupé becomes significantly more agile, the steering more comfortable. As driving style becomes more intense and speed increases, the steering automatically becomes firmer – the BMW M6 Coupé exploits the design advantages of its long wheelbase to the full. Tracking stability and steering precision operate at the highest level – the driver directly senses the contact with the road.


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