The wildness of M meets the sportiness of X.

The power of BMW M meets the all-wheel-drive capabilities of a BMW Sports Activity Coupe in this revolutionary vehicle. Under the hood, the all-new BMW X6 M features the first M Power V-8 Turbo and boasts 555 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. And M Dynamic Performance Control maximizes agility and provides extreme cornering performance. It's M as you've never seen it before.

Curious car, this one. Despite a massive temptation to ask just how such a thing ever made it past the idea stage, car companies, particularly German ones, don't tend to make things that they haven't already established someone will probably buy. Which means that, when asked by the researcher with the clipboard and fixed smile, more than one person must have said "Yes, actually, there is an X6 M shaped hole in my life".

Engine wise , the BMW X6 M is available with BMW’s  excellentl powerful 8 cylinder/4 valve  engine having engine capacity 4,395 cc , with either produce 555Hp in 680 Nm @ 1500-5650 rpm. 


A self-assured sports car that stakes its leadership claims – and more than fulfils them. The BMW X6 M combines sporting character with maximum comfort; and a luxurious interior with outstanding ergonomics.
The impressive presence of the BMW X6 M inspires you with its power and passion – regardless of the angle you admire it from. Goosebumps spread, a smile appears on your face and one single thought dominates everything: jump in, right now. 

The passion for acceleration is also immediately apparent on the inside:
the M-specific BMW Head-Up Display, for example, which alongside relevant data such as speed and navigation instructions also projects the revs and gear display directly into the driver’s field of vision, or the optionally available innovations from BMW ConnectedDrive. Motorsport genes that start with one single letter: M.


Exterior design.

Merely the first sight of the BMW X6 is enough to accelerate the production of adrenalin. The design with its powerful contours, the dynamic patterns of light and shade as well as the distinctive silhouette is an expression of unique performance capacity.
The dominant front end with large air inlets, redesigned, broad BMW double kidney grille and Adaptive LED headlights leads into the coupé-like silhouette of an athlete bent over and just waiting for the starter’s gun. At the lower end of the external air inlets, the spoiler lips adapted from motorsport underline the sporting emphasis and permit improved handling in the high-speed range. Typical M side air vents and the 20-inch light-alloy wheels under the broadly flared wheel housings provide even more dynamic character. A distinctive rear with two chrome twin tailpipes produces a masterful conclusion. The powerful BMW X6 M is an encounter that produces goosebumps even before you’ve entered the vehicle.

Interior design.

Even on the inside, you can seize the sporting aspirations of the BMW X6 M in both hands: M leather steering wheel, the cockpit sloping slightly towards the driver as well as the M-specific twin circular instrument gauges all produce a burning desire to start the engine and take first place.
Fully-electric M seats with specially moulded side supports hold the body firmly in every cornering manoeuvre. The sporty and exclusive interior with leather-covered instrument panel and aluminium M interior trim strops underline the superior character of this high-performance sports car. Selected materials in a high-quality finish define the athletic atmosphere throughout the interior. The colour options for the Merino leather range from Black through Silverstone to Bamboo beige. Every detail blends in uncompromisingly with the overall composition. The interior of the BMW X6 M stands for sporting performance with a comfortable lead.

Driving dynamics.

In the BMW X6 M numerous M-specific chassis technologies interact perfectly to ensure unrivalled dynamics, maximum control and exceptional driving comfort.
BMW xDrive and Dynamic Performance Control – both with specific M tuning of course – are responsible for the perfect distribution of the vehicle’s immense power. The intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system is designed with an emphasis on the rear and thus allows a particularly sporty driving style, even including controlled drifting. Dynamic Performance Control is the cornering specialist among the chassis components. It supports the chassis so that bends can be experienced with even more power. The specially tuned Electronic Damper Control and Adaptive Drive permit sharp braking and acceleration with practically no rolling motion. EDC buttons on the gear selection lever are provided to individually adjust the dynamics, safety and comfort of the BMW X6 M.

Dynamic Performance Control.

Dynamic Performance Control guarantees perfect control even when cornering: the drive power is distributed smoothly and without any loss of performance between the right-hand and left-hand rear wheel – after all, a shared force doubles driving pleasure.
This keeps you on the optimum line: according to the driving situation, the propulsive force can be dynamically directed to either the wheel on the inside of the curve or that on the outside. When accelerating out of bends or during special challenges such as a double lane change, the system noticeably increases stability and tracking precision. 

The intelligent distribution of the driving power permits a more direct and precise steering response and also ensures greater comfort and safety. Before any tendency to understeer or oversteer occurs, the vehicle is kept on track with more cornering force. 

As a logical further development of the BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system, Dynamic Performance Control provides greater tracking stability and considerably higher lateral acceleration in corners. 

Price : the base price of BMW  X6 M is Rs  46,50976


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