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Review of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga
If you look at the Ertiga, you could be forgiven to think, it's based on the Ritz. Because the face looks like an evolution of the Ritz'. But in reality, the Ertiga is a stretched out Swift platform. Clever packaging and a longer wheelbase means this Swift suddenly thinks it's a people-mover. 

The Ertiga will be available both in petrol and diesel versions. The petrol motor is 1.4-litre K-series engine putting out 94bhp and 130Nm of torque. It's peppy, rev-happy and fun to push.

Diesel power comes from the celebrated DDIS powerplants. The 1.3, with a variable geometry turbo produces 89bhp and 200Nm of torque which comes in handy especially when fully loaded. Out of the two, the diesel is certainly the sensible option, but the petrol performance is hard to ignore. 

On the road, the petrol is certainly the one to have. It loves to rev and you'll love to use that stubby gearshift as you drive down a twisty road. The diesel may not be as free revving as the K14A, but there's a slug of torque past 1500rpm which gives the Ertiga a spring in it's step. The diesel is a good cruiser while the petrol is for those spirited white van drivers. 
Maruti claims the petrol will hit a ton in 12.1 seconds and the diesel will take 13.9 seconds. Both cars top out at 160kph. ARAI fuel efficiency figures are pegged at 16.02kpl for the petrol and 20.77kpl for the diesel. We'll wait till we can strap on our equipment to verify those numbers. 

On the inside, it's much like the Swift as you'd expect. As far as people-mover business goes, the Ertiga is quite capable. It will seat seven people and even the last row gets decent legroom thanks to the sliding middle row. In ZDi trim, you get a lot of equipment too like dual airbags, ABS and twin aircon. No climate control though. 
Overall, you'd come out of the Ertiga impressed. It drives much like a car and not like those body-roll special MPVs. Its compact and yet spacious and lastly it comes with Maruti peace of mind. So is this the Eureka moment for Maruti? It is a good move by Maruti. But pricing is key to the success of the Ertiga. Because it will be a shame for such capable car to have an inflated pricetag. But Maruti understands the economics of our country well. So watch this space.This reviev has taken from BBC topgear.


  1. Maruti suzuki Ertiga's sporty look is amazing and also has impressive mileage and power. It is better than any car in comfort,style and handling.

  2. If the seating back rows is totally foldable like tata marina,it will be a great advantage

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