Auction for earthquake victims by italian Car maker Ferrari

Ferrari, the Italian supercar manufacturer, has set up an online auction to raise money for victims of the recent earthquakes in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, the italian carmaker has opened its V12 heart for the cause. Some heart-achingly desirable and exclusive Ferraris and Ferrari merchandise is being auctioned off right now as you are reading this. Every penny earned out of this will go to victims of the quake. 

The bad boy in this auction will be the 599XX Evo, with a reserve price of €1.35 million. This isn’t a scale model or a mock-up. This is Ferrari’s actual, non-homologated road-going, most extreme version of the 599.
 Then there are other collectibles like Ferrari’s 2009 season formula car’s nose cone and wing. These things are prohibitively expensive. But if you would like to donate something more affordable check out Felipe Massa’s and Fernando Alonso’s personal gloves, helmets, and sweatsuits that start at about €400. You could also get yourself some wristwatches that start at about US$500.

The auction closes on 20 June, 2012. Check them out at