Aston Martin Vanquish 2014

100 years of Aston Martin. 100 years of producing the most beautiful and desirable cars in the world. They knew their centenary demanded something special. Their mission was to produce the greatest Aston Martin in history, the car to lead them into their second 100 years - a new flagship. So they did it. With the most advanced engineering, the most beautiful design and the finest materials, They created the best Aston Martin ever. They created Vanquish.
 The  new 2014 Vanquish demands equal doses of sexy-yet-discreet styling and forward thinking hardware to uphold its desirability in the current exotic car landscape. After just a six-year run, Aston Martin's DBS will be replaced by a new range topper that will resurrect the Vanquish name and will be built off the fourth generation of the British automaker's innovative VH platform. The new car, available in either 2-seat or 2+2 configurations, is longer, taller and wider than the DBS and incorporates styling elements first seen on the One-77 supercar.

The all-new AM11 engine is the most powerful Aston Martin production engine ever created. Performance benefits compared to our previous flagship are clear;  under the hood it is loaded with  5,935 CC V12 engine with 48 valve which produced 565 BHP at 6,750 RPM , 620 Nm torque at 5,500 RPM , an acceleration time 0 – 100 Kmph just in 4.1 secs and the last  it hit the top speed 295 Kmph.
Vanquish sees AM11 tuned to its most potent specification, it’s the ultimate heart for our ultimate GT.
 AM world-renowned VH architecture was specifically evolved for Vanquish – with three-quarters of all components new to Aston Martin. This Gen4 technology delivers outstanding strength and a 25% increase in stiffness over DBS. But that’s not all, we increased strength and rigidity but reduced weight. Scarcely believable, but Vanquish is lighter than DBS.
The bonded aluminium VH architecture includes carbon fibre components. More impressively, every body panel is manufactured from aerospace standard carbon fibre. The perfect material for structure, carbon fibre is perfect for form. Unbroken exterior surfaces were created, essential to the beauty and proportion of Vanquish.
 Formed by carbon-fibre. The New Vanquish is the ultimate expression of Aston Martin design, innovation and ability. Luxurious, continent-crossing capability, and a dynamic form. This is the most beautiful Aston Martin yet.
Carbon fibre throughout the structure is matched with carbon ceramic brake discs. Vanquish includes third generation Brembo discs as standard, all manufactured from carbon ceramic matrix. Delivering shorter stopping distances yet improving weigh. Suspension performance also benefits from the lower unsprung rotational mass compared to steel brakes.
Vanquish has endured more testing than any Aston Martin ever created. More than 5,000km of high-speed durability tests in Italy. Intense handling work at Aston Martin’s custom-built Nürburgring centre. Hot weather and altitude extremes in Spain. Cold weather testing on Swedish ice fields. They created Vanquish with one goal in mind, produce the most technically advanced Aston Martin in history – and their testing confirms it.


This is the most luxurious interior we’ve ever produced. A unique Vanquish design combines the widest choice of materials and finishes ever created for a GT. All new ergonomic interior environment groupings and carbon fibre interior finishes. Contrasting seat accent colours and unique hour-glass stitching. 
A million stitches go into every Vanquish, along with 100 years of history.
Grand Tourer is a category, but it’s also a purpose. They knew that to create their Ultimate GT demanded increasing both boot and cabin room. The story is told by three stunning numbers. 37mm more legroom. 60% more boot space. An unbelievable 140% more interior space than DBS. Vanquish isn’t just the greatest Grand Tourer they has ever built, it’s also the grandest.

Price : The price of new 2014 Vanquish is approx $ 300,000.