The British luxury Car Manufacturer Jaguar has revealed its New SUV ,The “F- PACE” with Dazzling stunt. Few month ago we saw the XF walking on the wires across the river . Now this time they did again Dazzling stunt . let's have  a lookof this video below. 

F-PACE takes the Jaguar DNA of legendary performance, handling and luxury, and adds practicality and
space. The technologically advanced F-PACE is a performance SUV with maximum driving excitement. It also delivers state-of-the-art technology and connectivity. F-PACE has the performance for every road and the capacity for every day. A Jaguar for the driver, a Jaguar for the active lifestyle.


The F-PACE offers a choice of diesel or gasoline engines that includes its new Ingenium range. Advanced powertrains combine refinement with high performance. The F-PACE is equipped with Stop/Start technology and smart regenerative charging – harvesting kinetic energy from braking to charge the battery - for maximum economy, especially during urban driving

The F-PACE engines offer a balance between power and economy. Engines include the 340hp and 380hp versions with 3.0L supercharged V6, available on the F-PACE S, which can reach top speed of 155mph with 0-60mph acceleration in 5.1 seconds. Their all-new Ingenium engine range includes a 2.0 liter i4 turbocharged diesel.

Ingenium is it’s new breed of engine designed for effortless performance and refinement. With advanced technology and based on a strong and compact aluminum block, Ingenium is as intelligent as it is innovative. Computer-controlled, adaptive engine cooling only engages as required. The latest generation variable geometry turbocharger maximizes peak power for low speed torque and responsiveness.
The foundation of the F-PACE is an aluminum architecture that provides impeccable ride, handling, and dynamics.They use aluminum because it creates a stiff and, most importantly, lighter architecture than steel ever could, because its reduced weight enhances handling and braking.
The F- type comes with Six different variants having range between $40,990 to $ 69,700.


The essence of F-PACE. Spirited performance, agile handling and practicality
Price from: $40,990


For added luxury with a beautifully crafted interior. 
Price from: $44,200


The pinnacle of F-PACE luxury – elegant, sophisticated and loaded with cutting-edge technology. 
Price from: $48,700


Assertive sporting style with an exterior sports trim and specialized sport seats. 
Price from: $53,900 


For thrilling sports performance, the F-PACE S includes a 3.0L 380hp Supercharged V6 engine. 
Price from: $56,700 


This limited edition F-PACE offers individuality with exclusive design details and specially selected  features. 
Price from: $69,700


The F-PACE is fitted with eight-speed automatic transmission that is highly responsive and smooth Developed specifically for the demands of a performance vehicle, it delivers rapid shifting for effortless acceleration and overtaking. You can also manually control gearshifts via the steering wheel paddles at the touch of a finger.


PRACTICALITY AND SPACE F-PACE has a 40:20:40 seating configuration for greater flexibility. Rear seats are wide enough to accommodate three adults in comfort. They can be folded completely flat, or folded individually, in a variety of combinations. Rear space is an impressive 33.5 cubic feet with seats up. Every inch has been carefully considered for maximum usability.

Throughout the F-PACE there is cleverly placed, versatile storage. Useful pockets for smartphones and tablets are on either side of the center console and below the touch screen. Both front door pockets are big and deep enough to hold a 59oz bottle of water.


Its powerful, agile looks and sporting character give F-PACE a unique road presence. Visually inspired by Jaguar F-TYPE, F-PACE is the performance SUV with the DNA of a sports car.
The latest in a bloodline of beautiful, performance cars that includes the new XE and XF. The proportions of the F-PACE are dynamic, enhance aerodynamics and help improve capability.


The proportions of the F-PACE support a low drag coefficient of 0.37 (V6 engines). The result is that the F-PACE really is as sleek as it looks. Highly advanced aerodynamics increase downforce. This helps reduce fuel consumption and wind noise while adding to high-speed stability and driver confidence.


Optional LED headlamps, featuring Jaguar J-Blade LED daytime running lights, add to the commanding presence of F-PACE on the road. LED headlamps produce an intensity of light that is close to daylight, helping your eyes to distinguish objects more easily and reducing fatigue.


The F-PACE offers an extensive choice of lightweight, aerodynamically efficient alloy wheels, as large as 22” in diameter - the perfect complement to its dynamic look. Choose your wheels with their configurator.


The F-PACE’s interior blends elegance and sportiness to create the latest in contemporary design.

An extensive range of premium materials, supple leathers and sophisticated finishes give the F-PACE a comprehensive interior selection. This is your opportunity to create a space that reflects your individual style.



The F-PACE offers opening panoramic glass roof to flood the interior with light and enhance the spacious feeling. Effective tinting prevents excessive heating of the interior and maintains privacy.


You can take personalization to the next level with optional Configurable Interior Mood Lighting. The system highlights the finest interior design details with soft pools of light in a choice of ten different colors. The F-PACE can create an ambience to match your every mood.


In the back, there is plenty of space for three adults to sit together comfortably, while the rear seats also feature optional electric recline - the perfect seat position is just the touch of a button away.

The F-PACE is visually inspired by the lines, curves and proportions of the Jaguar design philosophy. From the hood bulge to the pronounced rear haunches, the F-PACE is a performance SUV that has the DNA of a sports car. Its highly advanced aerodynamic design helps reduce drag and wind noise, while increasing downforce, for improved efficiency, refinement and handling.