Porsche Macan

The Best Compact Luxury SUV – 2017 10Best Trucks and SUVs:
Get in a Macan, hit the gas, and any objections about a hot-rod compact crossover disappear—which makes it a 2017 10Best award. The Macan is quicker ,sexiest and more capable on- and off-road than its corporate cousin, the Audi Q5. The base engine is a 252-hp 2.0-liter turbo four. The S has a 340-hp twin-turbo V-6; the GTS makes 360. All-wheel drive and a seven-speed automatic are standard on all.

The Macan is absolutely a good vehicle. But a good SUV? It depends. The Macan has got the "sport" part of "sport utility vehicle" down pat. With an abundance of power and sports-car-like handling, it's one of the sportier, more dynamic SUVs you can buy.

The Macan is a fine option if you want something with stellar consistency ratings, a luxurious cabin, commanding ride height, and enough space to handle a trip to the grocery store. But if you need more cargo space – or just want to spend less money – there are plenty of other options.

It comes in many  options Macan standard with $47,800 base price and Macan S (All wheel drive) with $ 55,400 starting price  , Macan GST come with $68,900  and the last is Macan Turbo models which starts  $77,200  and $87,700  .We will talk about  the two Models Macan Standard and Macan S With the help of 3.0 liter V6 Engin the Macan S  produces 340 hp at 5500 - 6500 rpm and 331 lb torque which help it to attain 0 - 60 mph in 5.2 sec (5.0 sec w/ Sport Chrono ) .Like its elder sister Porsche Cayenne , Macan is also a fast SUV it hit the maximum Top Speed156 mph which is quite impressive. If we are talking about the  Fuel Consumption then in City it consumed (estimate)17 mpg and on Highway (estimate)23 mpg .

About the Outer Looks :
About the length it its  6.85  inch small in size from its sibling Cayenne. From the front its look similar to the
Cayenne but Grill makes it lil bit differ. When we see it from the Back , Lights makes the Elite impression and back curve of Macan trying to increase your Heartbeat. For the High level of confort and tremendous dynamic performance, you have the option of an air suspension including PASM. With this setup, the car is 15mm lower than with the sport suspension. In the result you will get a generous spread of ride comfort and dynamic performance. The self leveling function helps th keep the ride height constant.

Available on request, a ride-height adjustment capability enables you to switch the ground clearance to three levels : Terrains Level, Normal Level and Low Level. At the terrain Level the car got the hehight 40 mm above the Normal Level, at low Level , it decreases its height 10 mm below the Normal Level. In the Normal Level, the rear end of the body lowers 40 mm to make it easier to load the car.
Porsche Hill Control (PHC) : on the center console ,there is button which enables you to activate Porsche Hill Control ( PHC) which keeps your speed constant on Downhill  gradients.you can set any speed between 2 -19 mph.  

Interior : From inside , The Black and Silver Grey  color combination grooms its cockpit and maintain the exclusive legacy of Porsche. If you are feeling bore while sitting on the Rear seat , Then Porsche brought the Rear Seat Entertainment Plus for you It has been specially developed to appeal to the discerning viewers with 10.1-inch  TFT touch screen  in the New Macan. Furthermore it is also loaded with  Instrument cluster featuring 3 round Black dials and Silver tachometer , gear indicator for PDK, digital boost pressure guage, service interval indicator, outside temperature, and various warning indicators.
Sports Chrono Package : In this package there is a digital and analog display stopwatch fitted on the cockpit , on it you can check your driving performance.
In the end of this article We really recommend ,it is the really sexiest SUV ever made.


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