Rapide E the First All-electric Aston Martin

Aston Martin Lagonda showcased its zero emission powertrain technologies through its first electric future event, its first sports car Rapide E and the all-electric Loganda vision Concept. Both cars were displayed on 26-27 June at the company’s central London showroom, Aston Martin Mayfair. The British luxury Brand which was founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford famous for its Luxury cars and performance. Now this time Aston Martine has taken another step after Manufactured "Rapide E the First luxury All-electric Aston Martin". Like other Automaker Aston Martin also preparing for future Cars ( EV’s).

I am a huge fan of Aston Martin since 1995 when I saw the first Bond movie in my life the Goldeneye. I love the front grill of it most furthermore its aerodynamic shape catches my eyes always even it is passing across the road in the big rush.

From the outside, Rapide E’s Headlamps and front grill complement each other and underbody has been aerodynamically optimized. Newly-designed aluminum wheels have created to achieve a higher level of efficiency, frictional loss, and cooling performance. Blue color Strip makes it cool.

Currently, the Aston Martin Rapide E is the first battery electric vehicle (BEV), the body is crafted by
aluminum and carbon fiber manufactured by the British marque. It will come in the production at the end of the year at St Athan which is based on Whales.

Technology :

Rapide E gets power from an 800V electrical architecture battery, encased in a Carbon Fiber and Kevlar casing, with a 65kWh installed capacity using over 5600 lithium-ion 18650 format cylindrical cells. These are mounted in a bespoke pack where the original 6.0-liter V12, Its gearbox, and fuel tank were previously located. This battery system delivers the power to twin electric rear-mounted motors that produce 612 PS and 950 Nm of Torque makes it the most power Rapide. Rapide E will be capable of reaching 0-60 mph in less than 4 sec. Its performance characteristics tuned to match or exceed the original V12 engine. 50-70 mph in just 1.5 sec.

As per Aston Martin’s vehicle line director for Rapide E at Aston Martin Logandas, “It is the proof of Aston Martin Commitment to its second-century plan. We are producing fully electric vehicles which will form part of our future strategy that will culminate when the first Lagonda vehicle enters the market.
Aston market working hard to achieve this Rapide E has a range of just over 200 miles on the worldwide harmonized Light vehicle Test producer (WLTP) and a 0 to 80 percent charge can be achieved in under 35 minutes by using an 800 Volt DC 100 kW charging station”. If you want to know more details about this Beauty then visit on https://www.astonmartin.com/en-us/models/rapide-e you will enjoy it. The picture has also be taken from the official website of Aston Martin.




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