At Auto EXPO 2020, Innovative and Eco-friendly Tyre for Motorcycles revealed by Ralson India: ECORACER-120/80-18

Hey friends, today I brought the story of that tyre Manufacture, Company which was established in 1974, began its modest journey in Ludhiana, manufacturing bicycle tyres and tubes and it is closely connected to my childhood sweet memories, when where my father brought the bicycle for me, the bicycle has the very impressive tyres. I still remember the tyre company was RALCO and me performed a lot of stunts on my bicycle like Stoppie and Wheelie on it for impressing my school mates.

Todays, Ralson is one of the top 5 industry leaders globally and has become the largest producer and exporter of bicycle tubes and tyres in the country. Now the company’s production capacity of 2.81 million tyres a year.

At Auto EXPO 2020, I witnessed that event when the RALSONS (India) Limited, Ludhiana- owners of the RALCO automotive tyre the brand launched the innovative and eco-friendly ECORACER tyre for Motorcycles. Yes, this time they were launching the Tyre for Motorbike. ECORACER is the enigmatic name, in the conversation with Director of the company Mr Manjul Pahwa, he explained why the name ECORACER has been given to tyre.

This launching was attracted me more because the Ralson India got the success in reduction of CO2 emission in their manufacturing. Moreover, as per my point of view, this is a great step toward Green Manufacturing. The technical reason behind this word Green Manufacturing, the ECORACER-120/80-18 MOTORCYCLE TYRE is an environment-friendly tyre as it uses a high content of silica, a natural product, to reduce the use of pollution-causing petroleum-based chemicals. The silica-based compound helps reduce CO2 emission as well as enhance the performance of the engine because the use of silica lowers rolling resistance for the tyre thereby increasing fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

ECORACER motorcycle tyre has a cutting edge tread design to strike a balance between fuel efficiency, safety & durability.

RALCO, a relatively new entrant into the two-wheeler tyre segment already has a 5% market share and two states of the art factories in Ludhiana, Punjab.With annual turnover growing steadily during the past six years to upwards of 800 crores in 2019, the company is drawing up major capacity expansion plans to capture the 2 billion dollar two-wheeler tyre market.

I think these type of innovations show the focus of Automobile Industries toward preserving our beautiful nature.

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