Meet the future electric SUV Concept by VOLKSWAGEN ID. CROZZ

Hey friends, I hope you all are healthy and happy today I bring the story about that company, if we translate its name from Germany to English then we get the answer “People’s Car” yes I am talking about the German automaker Volkswagen, established 1937 which is also known by its World famous Model Volkswagen Type-1 or Beetle, I am huge fan of its model.  

But this time Volkswagen’s most Iconic Car says Goodbye to making room for the electric future. I feel very bad for Beetle with a heavy heart.

We have seen many high-performance electric cars produced by famous Automakers, in our previous articles we discussed Model 3 by Tesla, Rapide E by Aston Martin and Vision Mercedes-Maybach. These days all Automobile industries working on Autonomous technology. Autonomous cars are the future of the Automotive Industry. Autonomous technology in simple words, I am trying to imagine that, I am driving or sitting in this kind of car and how it feels like a Car traveling without a Steering wheel? Furthermore, who is the Driver in these types of cars? haha, that sounds funny but technology does.

Till now Volkswagen has showcased its four Electric concept Vehicles: ID., ID.VIZZION, ID.BUZZ, and, of course, ID. CROZZ which is our today’s topic of discussion. All EV’s are expected to have a range of over 250 miles off a single charge. 

ID. CROZZ Concept expected to hit the dealership by the end of 2020.Volkswagen’s autonomous Concept SUV ID.CROZZ which has based on the company’s modular electric drive matrix platform.
Let's have a quick look at ID.CROZZ in the video.

ID. CROZZ is the combination of four-door coupe and SUV, reflects the Volkswagen innovative technologies capabilities in developing electric vehicles. It is loaded with electric All wheel drive (twin motor) system power: 225kW/306PS, which produces Torque 320Mn. In fact, it’s designed to get over Up to 500 Km of driving range in single recharge and touch to the top of 180 kmph. If you feel worried about its long charging time then, you surprised after hear that within 30 min it can charge up to 80%.

If we are talking about its design or looks then the ID. CROZZ is similar to the original Volkswagen Beetle with the smooth, grille-free front end. 4.6-meter in length with 2.77-meter wheelbase make your drive more stable and confident. The front LED lights combine to form an “integrated
spotlight,” with light able to move and even communicate with other drivers when its on-demand autopilot system is engaged. Furthermore, the Impressive Interactive front and rear light design with glowing Volkswagen logo definitely catch your eyes toward it. Transparent panoramic sunroof has new technology, a motion-controlled moveable shade that cuts glare while offering a soft ambient light and light blind makes its look unique.

 From the side view, you will really enjoy its aerodynamic design. From the inside you will find the Augmented Reality Head-up display, On-demand I.D. Pilot mode make you drive comfortable and provide you fun-to-drive experience, rear-biased all-wheel-drive and a front strut-tire/rear multi-link suspension similar to the Golf GTI. The MEB platform’s battery tray in the floor of the car allows designers to maximize usable volume; while similar in size to the compact ID., the ID. CROZZ has as much interior space, I think it due to ‘B’ pillar-less technology.

The ID. Pilot system retracts the steering wheel into the dashboard when the car is being driven on autopilot mode.

 Volkswagen Group is very focused on the development of electric vehicles (EV’s) and they are investing 33 billion euros on it. They committed to build one million electric vehicles annually by 2025, the ID. CROZZ will be the major part of it.

So this is Future concept of VW, I hope you will enjoy this article. If you think this article is informative and entertaining then please appreciate us. If you want to know about any other information about any other car, you can comment in the comment box or our Facebook page “”, or by e-mail on You can also connect us through Instagram by "dwheelsofficials".

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