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Monday, 13 April 2020

All new Suzuki KATANA Rebirth 2020

All-day, every day, everywhere around the world, things happen. People buy or sell, build and destroy, win and loose for chasing their Goal. Beside it, they forget to enjoy their precious time. Whenever I feel bored or Sad from my daily routine, I take a long ride on my bike to the countryside and enjoy the fresh breeze on my face which helps me to flush out all bad thoughts from my mind.
So today I brought the article about that Japanese Motor company which builds his First MOTORISED Bicycle named POWER FREE in 1952. After that they never look behind, they build many bikes and their fans all around the world.

Now this time I am sharing my views on its new bike KATANA. Everyone is very familiar with its name, I really love this name. The new KATANA is a sportbike that has elements of the original but blends thoroughly modern styling and performance. As per Suzuki’s view, Like a craftsman folding the steel of a Samurai’s Sword, the KATANA reflects Suzuki’s ongoing commitment to fine craftsmanship and dedication to making sure every detail of the motorcycles is executed properly.

Base Price: $13,499

2020 Katana inspired by 1982 Suzuki katana. In late 1982 it created a sensation in the motorcycle market when the GSX 1100S Katana hit the street, it was claimed by Suzuki to be the Fastest mass-production motorcycle in the world. Both Motorcycles blend a powerful Suzuki engine with styling and got the spirit of the traditional Japanese Sword of the Samurai.

The Old KATANA got GS1100E engine and the new one is just enhanced, long-stroke GSX-R1000 engine and the solid stability of the GSX-S1000 Chassis. If I am talk about its ergonomics, Chassis provide easy control over the GSX-R-based engine and adds a comfortable riding position, bodywork rests upon a twin-spar, aluminum alloy frame and superbike type braced swingarm that provides great road-holding performance.

About its look, it has neo-retro appeal. KATANA comes in two colors Grey and Black, from the
front, the rectangular-shaped LED headlight you will get which has inspired from its 1982 KATANA model to the side of the headlight are LED position lights to improve the KATANA’s visibility to the other traffic while accentuating the angular styling. Rearview, the LED tail light is mounted high at the back of the seat for excellent visibility. Also, you will get an LCD multifunction instrument panel that has a distinctive appearance and display format that is exclusive to the KATANA, screen which helps to make your ride comfortable.

The bike having overall Length 2130 mm (83.9 in). The 999-cc heart is beat with the help of liquid-cooled 4-cylinder. 6-speed DOHC Suzuki KATANA is tuned to make 147-horsepower (110-kilowatts) of maximum power at 10,000 rpm against the peak torque of 105 Nm at 9,500 rpm. The motorcycle gets fully-adjustable KYB 43 mm USD fork up front, and link-type mono-shoke set-up at the rear. Additionally, the motorcycle is loaded with Suzuki’s advanced three-level traction control that lets the rider select sensitivity on the fly so engine power to the rear wheel matches road conditions. For braking, the company has incorporated Brembo, with radial calipers along with ABS. For running the 999cc engine it gets 12.0 L fuel tank and If you have a nice driving skill then, you may hit the top speed more than 253 Kmph.

The stainless steel 4-2-1 exhaust system helps the engine deliver a strong low-to mid-range punch with an exciting rush to redline.

If the seat of a bike is comfortable, then the rider enjoys the ride. So the seat height of 32.5 inches (825mm) plus the shape of the seat and how it blends into the fuel tank allows the rider to plant their feet firmly on the ground at stops. The rear portion of the seat provides good passenger accommodations with its large base, ample foam, grab strap, and height, which offers a good view over the rider’s shoulder.

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  4. According to Suzuki, the KATANA shows Suzuki's continuous commitment to great craftsmanship and determination to ensuring that every element of the motorcycles is performed properly, much like a craftsman folding the steel of a Samurai's Sword.
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