Limited Edition for Black Badge Models by Rolls-Royce: "Neon Nights"

How do you feel, if your car has a unique appearance in between the huge traffic? Or how do you feel, your car Model gets limited-run, and how do you feel if that car is Rolls-Royce? Definitely, I feel proud. This time British automaker Rolls-Royce Black Badge Wraith, Dawn, and Cullinan offered in illuminating “Neon Nights” paint jobs, but few will be made.

Only three colors are available which are Lime Rock Green, Eagle Rock Red, and Mirabeau Blue. I love these colors. It makes you unique in the crowd.

As per Rolls, these are the inspiration from alien hues occurring in nature. Color of Wraith has inspired by the ultimate grand tourer in a poisonous hue made famous by a deadly species of Australian tree frog. From the inside, the Technical weave fascia boasts a striking Lime A green motif representing the distortion of light traveling at speed.

Cullinan An all-terrain SUV in a Hypnotic blue inspired by the “rhetus periander”- a rare butterfly inhabiting the cloud forests of Mexico and Ecuador and the Interior comes in Arctic white leather. 

The Dawn a drophead coupe in a fiery red created for the flower; a tenacious Hawaiia bloom that blossoms through volcanic rock and has Selby grey leather interior.



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