Have you seen the headlights of new BMW i7?


The new BMW i7 brings new concept with it to the road a headlight that start a new race in all luxurious automobile. With the Partnership with Swarovski, BMW has developed an Iconic glow crystal headlights that you never seen before and which makes your car more unique in a dark or even a day.

Traditionally Swarovski creations belongs to jewelry and fashion design and the company has also designed unique art installations and costumes for musicians and movie stars. This time they are working into the automotive sector. Commenting on the new development of the crystal headlights, Peter Widmann, Senior Vice President and Managing Director Swarovski Mobility, said: “This collaboration with BMW, then, was more about mastery of crystal cutting and an alignment of passion between two world-renowned brands.”

BMW explained how the crystal headlights work. The new face of the BMW i7 is defined partly by the luminous kidney contour, but above all by the headlights being divided into two, one above the other. The crystals, two pairs each, are located in the upper spotlight along their entire length. Individually controlled LEDs are behind this, creating an irregular, lively glow. They form the daytime running light and the indicator light. The high beam and low beam discreetly nestle in the lower area. During the day, they almost look like air intakes and clearly offset the crystals in the upper headlight.

enjoy this BMW official youtube video:

Aside from their elaborate workmanship, their extraordinary properties are an essential element of the new “Great Entrance Moment”: A light show begins as the driver approaches their car, from the kidney grille to the crystal headlights right up to a side carpet of light in the form of overlapping crystals. Source of info is BMW official website.


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