Have you booked your Bugatti W16 Mistral? Only 99 units produced.


Have you booked your Bugatti W16 Mistral? Only 99 units produced and never to be replicated. 7.97 billion People living on our green planet according to united nation till now and they only made 99. That means, Hurry up if you are Bugatti and speed Lover, stock are limited. If you get 1 from 99 then, you will enjoy its redefined roofless driving experience. This is the only car till now which produced massive power of the 1,600 PS  from W16 quad-turbo that means it hit dazzling high speed.

The design of W16 Mistral has inspired and pay homage to one of Bugatti’s Champion model, the Type 57 Grand Raid. The model stood out for its spectacular performance and and endurance, as well as its astonishing beauty. Grand Raid was a combination of clean, curved lines and striking rounded angles or we can say that it was blend of art deco artistry design.

 From the backside the bugatti’s Iconic X-Theme Taillights catch your eyes. Four horizontal LED Lights garnish its superb looks of this roadster from the front view. Their three- dimensional surface also function as an aerodynamic aid to improve aerodynamic drag. Two engine air scoops provide the unique sound experience of the W16. The roof mounted air intake were designed as a nod to the grand raid by gangloff, as well as the predecessor of the modern era: the Veyron 16.4 Grand sport.

The handcrafted interior is adorned with an incredible blend of dark brown, pale driftwood and bright yellow. Actually the design pays homage to vintage models, whilst retaining a stylish and technical looks even in the door panels, hand woven leather pattern make a remarkable artistry. The dancing elephant, sculpted into the gearshift attract you more. So this is your new Bugatti W16 Mistral and I hope you are ready to book it. Keep Smile and read your favorite Dwheels.com. You can connect us through our Instagram/ Facebook account “ Dwheelsofficials” and through our youtube channel “Dwheels” link is here: https://www.youtube.com/c/dwheels


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