Why TESLA MODEL Y was the top-selling vehicle in the worldwide?


The Tesla Model Y was the top-selling vehicle worldwide in 2023 based on new-vehicle registrations, according to data released June 13 by JATO Dynamics.

First reason, Its Driving Range is the Top in all EV class, with max range 320 mile or more including dual motor (All Wheel Drive). Moreover, its big Super Charging Network, 50,000 super charger station and gives the fast charging facility more than other Ev’s. It covers 160 miles range in just 15 minutes at supercharger along your route.

Other reason is its pricing range, starting at 43,999. With Fold-flat Seats, two trunks and 3500 pound of towing capability makes the large cargo Space of 76 cu ft area which make it more accommodating, if you are carrying kids or carrying bulky items regularly, which makes the Model Y more practical. Or we can say It also work as SUV.

Its 21 inch Wheels and 6.2 inch Ground Clearance, can takes you on everywhere even on rough roads.

Model Y also receives some of the highest possible safety rating and provide the 4 year or 50,000 mile warranty.

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