Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

World’s most pricey model car

Prefer carats to cars? Have an appalling amount of money? Buy this!

It's a 1:8 scale Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 built by Robert Gülpen Engineering. First shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it's about to make three entries into the Guinness Book of Records: the most costly and most precious model car in the world, the most secure showcase - a bulletproof cabinet - and the most precious Lamborghini logo ever built.

So, further than three spurious records and some fancy glass, what d'you get?

The body, doors and bonnet (all of which open) are made from carbon that's got a 1/1000mm-thin thread of gold wrapped around the fibers.

The wheels (which turn) are made from a mix of gold and platinum, as is the interior. And the front seats are overstated with 1400 pieces of precious stones. The headlight LEDs are made from clear diamonds and the rear lights are built using coloured precious stones.

The, umm, lucky buyer also gets some masonry brickwork, a bit of paper, an old shard of metal and a big badge. More specifically, a piece of a wall stone from the Lamborghini building in Italy, the first design drawing of the Lamborghini Aventador car and engine, a bit of the prototype engine and a Lambo badge as big as the model itself made entirely of precious stones.

Now the interesting bit. The reckoning. It'll be sold at auction, but bidding begins at $5 million, or Rs 25.71 crore. Or 13 actual Lamborghini Aventadors. The hammer drops this month and it'll be up for grabs from four different houses in New York, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Beijing.

Mercifully, Rs 3.44 crore goes to charity, and if you find yourself stuck for cash after buying it, you boil it down and sell the materials, themselves worth Rs 13.77 crore.