Priceless Royal wheels

This is the 1924 vintage Rolls-Royce GLK 21owned by Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur, recently became the first Indian-owned car to win the prestigious 62th Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance award in Clifornia, USA  .
Mewar's 1924 Rolls-Royce 20 HP Barker Tourer (GLK 21) Sunday won the Lucius Beebe Trophy awarded to the Rolls-Royceconsidered most in the tradition of Lucius Beebe who served amongPebble Beach's early judges.
The five-day annual event at Pebble Beach, California, exhibits the best in automobiles from all over the world.
"By participating in this event, we want to showcase our legacy and our heritage - because today 'Living Heritage' has more currency than luxury whose definition is so dynamic," Mewar said.
Mewar also released a 194-page coffee table book dedicated to the history and restoration of this favourite royal car of Udaipur along with the family's association with Rolls-Royce over seven generations.
The coffee table book titled "The Royal Udaipur RR GLK 21 Classic drive from Derby to Udaipur to Pebble Beach and Continues" relives the car's journey from being bought to be cannibalised for its spare parts to becoming a family favourite.
After being put out to pasture in a corner in Zenana Mahal in the City Palace, the RR GLK 21 was spotted by Mewar, who then gave expression to his passion for restoring classic cars and resurrected it to its former glory.
"India was the ultimate destination for many of Rolls-Royce's early cars because the Indian Maharanas and Maharajas were only too happy to make the transition from horse-drawn carriages to a car," Mewar said.
"Back in the old days, this venerable marquee found pride of place for state visits, ceremonies and festivals," he recalled.
"In some instances they were also used for hunting and were retro-fitted to accommodate cricket teams."
In 1999 , Arvind Singh asked his palace motor garage to take full stock of the Rolls-Royce. A list of all available and missing parts was made and restoration experts in both India and the UK were contacted. And the result –stunner on four wheels.
The value of this Rolls-Royce GLK 21 is incalculable.