Wednesday, 29 February 2012


The wildness of M meets the sportiness of X.

The power of BMW M meets the all-wheel-drive capabilities of a BMW Sports Activity Coupe in this revolutionary vehicle. Under the hood, the all-new BMW X6 M features the first M Power V-8 Turbo and boasts 555 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. And M Dynamic Performance Control maximizes agility and provides extreme cornering performance. It's M as you've never seen it before.

Curious car, this one. Despite a massive temptation to ask just how such a thing ever made it past the idea stage, car companies, particularly German ones, don't tend to make things that they haven't already established someone will probably buy. Which means that, when asked by the researcher with the clipboard and fixed smile, more than one person must have said "Yes, actually, there is an X6 M shaped hole in my life".

Engine wise , the BMW X6 M is available with BMW’s  excellentl powerful 8 cylinder/4 valve  engine having engine capacity 4,395 cc , with either produce 555Hp in 680 Nm @ 1500-5650 rpm. 


A self-assured sports car that stakes its leadership claims – and more than fulfils them. The BMW X6 M combines sporting character with maximum comfort; and a luxurious interior with outstanding ergonomics.
The impressive presence of the BMW X6 M inspires you with its power and passion – regardless of the angle you admire it from. Goosebumps spread, a smile appears on your face and one single thought dominates everything: jump in, right now. 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Citroen DS4

Citroen unveils DS4 Racing Concept

Begin petitioning your local Citroen dealer. Stage a sit-in protest. Threaten to write a damning letter. Because this is the new DS4 Racing Concept, and Citroen needs to build it.

Revealed on our Internet ahead of its Geneva motor show debut in March, the DS4 Racing is a replay of the company's work on the DS3 Racing: take a fizzy, funky posh hatch-coupe-thingy, and apply many layers of speed.

The DS4 Racing uses the same 1.6-litre turbocharged four-pot petrol engine from PSA, but ratchets up the power to a rather dizzying 256bhp, making it the most powerful car the company has produced. Powerful, but clean, too: Citroen reckons it emits just 155g/km of CO2.

Though no performance figures have been released, you could bet some pounds that it'd hit 100kph in less than seven seconds; perfect ammunition for its potential sparring partners, the upcoming Vauxhall Astra VXR and Megane RS.
Citroen has lowered the car by 35mm and widened the track front and rear by 55mm and 75mm respectively, so we live in hope that the car's squishy handling will have been rectified, what with 256 horses running amok. The brakes have been beefed up, with four-piston fixed calipers at the front with 380mm discs, sitting snug inside 19in alloy wheels.

You'll also notice some new carbon fibre goodness too, like that air diffuser, front splitter and flared arches. The matt grey paint job looks rather tasty too, doesn't it? We'll have more details from the Geneva show, but don't be too disheartened at the ‘concept' tag. Citroen did the same with the DS3 Racing. And now we have one.
This news has taken from BBC topgear.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hyundai i30


Hyundai reveals next i30 wagon

Looks quite tasty, doesn't it? Yes, the new i30 is actually a very good little car.

Well, we only drove a prototype of the hatch, but if that's anything to go by, this new Hyundai i30 wagon - revealed today ahead of its Geneva motor show debut - promises Good Things.

A voice-activated audio and media devices, Automatically repaired surface nicks and scratches, A car that protects its driver when lane deviations and rear collisions are detected - These are not just figments of your imagination.The car of your dreams is turning into reality

It's the second in the 'new generation' i30 family, sharing engines and running gear with the hatch. Naturally, being a load-lugger, there's much more space at the back. Hyundai tells us this estate is 185mm longer than the hatch - 10mm longer than the old estate - and offers up 528 litres of boot space, which rises to 1642 litres with the seats folded flat.

Wait, wake up! This kind of thing is important. Think of the extra cheese you could transport! Consider this, its got loads more boot space than the Ford Focus estate and Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer. And Hyundai developed this model alongside the hatch, tailoring it specifically for European customers. So it should be as nice to drive as the hatch.

Once you get behind the wheel, you'll immediately feel in control and at one with the car. Interior space is maximised thanks to the long wheelbase and clever storage areas. Soft touch plastics on the dashboard and distinctive seat facings on each model enhance comfort to give both driver and passengers a luxurious experience at all trim levels.

It shares the three petrol and three diesel engines with the hatch, so you're looking at power outputs ranging from 93bhp to 133bhp.

Designed for discerning drivers, our dynamic mid-sized hatchback is an intelligent choice. Not only does it feature more equipment than you might have bargained for, the new-look design means the i30 looks just as good on the outside as it feels on the inside.
Spot on when it comes to safety too, you can rest assured, the i30 will take good care of you and your family. Choose from the efficient 1.4 or 1.6 petrol engines or the powerful but economical 1.6 CRDi.

The precision steering ensures great handling and a smooth ride, so you can relax and enjoy every journey. Finally, all models come with the Hyundai 5 Year Triple Care Package for total peace of mind.
Price : The approximate  price of  i30 lies between Rs 9.5- 12.69 lakh .

So what do you think? A Hyundai i30 with a Big Box of Space tacked on the back is more likely to make it to India than the i30 premium hatch? Tell us in the comments below.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Bugatti Veyron Vitesse

AT Revealed: Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

The fastest road-legal production car in the world "The Bugatti", Please be upstanding for the most powerful factory-built roadster in the history of TIME -The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse.

So, what sort of numbers does a convertible need to be the fastest in the world? 1184bhp and 1498Nm. That's 197bhp and 248Nm up from the cooking variety Veyron's 987bhp and 1250Nm. Or roughly one Golf GTI more...

Extra power's been teased out of the 16-cylinder engine by enlarging the four - FOUR - turbochargers and intercoolers. The chassis's also been beefed up to support the extra muscle.
Bugatti President Wolfgang Dürheimer says: "The rapid success of the Super Sport convinced us to increase the performance of the Bugatti roadster... Our engineers worked hard to demonstrate that Bugatti is able to constantly redefine the boundaries of what is technically feasible."

No performance stats have been released yet, but if it's anything like the Veyron Super Sport, it'll hover around 2.5 seconds to 100kph. That's 0.2 seconds faster than the current Grand Sport. Pricing's equally mysterious, but we reckon it'll be in the region of Rs 16.23 crore.
We'll have more details when after it's been revealed at the 2012 Geneva motor show next month.

Hero EBR

Hero now tied-up with Erik Buell  Racing

  So Hero’s EBR will coming soon …

Indian two-wheeler giant, Hero MotoCorp has officially tied-up with Erik Buell Racing of USA who have previously been partners to Harley Davidson and have developed many technologies for them. The strategic tie-up with Hero means that the Indian company will have access to EBR’s design and technological know-how specially in the big superbike segment, where Hero doesn’t have any major offering of its own. The development is a part of the Indian firm's strategy to enhance technological prowess, post the break up of the erstwhile partner, Honda.

According to Pawan Munjal, MD & CEO, Hero MotoCorp, "This tie-up is in keeping with my objective of quickly scaling up our own in-house R&D capabilities to a global two-wheeler technology power-house by leveraging a network of strategic international alliances."
The company also announced that it would debut Team Hero racing at the AMA pro racing superbike championships in the US on EBR 1190RS bikes. Showcasing an example of the EBR 1190RS (which develops over 170bhp) at the event Munjal also added that the first product from this tie-up would arrive by early 2013. And though it would not be a 1000 or 1200cc bike, it would be a big sporty bike aimed at the youth and would feature first of its kind features and technology. 
So we can say that Hero is now ready for fight with Bajaj and Yamaha in Indian market .

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

This is the New Aston Martin V8 Vantage


Aston Martin has revealed a small but important raft of updates to its baby supercar, the V8 Vantage.

In short, the new, revised, 2012 Aston Martin V8 Vantage gets the new seven-speed Sportshift II auto box from the Vantage S, as well as quicker steering, bigger brakes and wider tyres, all aping the S.

So essentially, its an Aston Martin V8 Vantage after a three-month Men's Health cover model plan; a touch harder, sharper and more defined.
Aston has left the 4.7-litre V8 unchanged, so you're still looking at 420bhp and 469Nm of torque (meaning a 0-100kph time of 4.8 seconds). But it has replaced the optional six-speed auto with the newer, better, optional Sportshift II ‘box from the Vantage S; a unit that features closer ratios, a lower final drive and a quicker, refined shift quality. A manual is standard equipment, naturally.

And that new steering column is built on a quicker ratio of 15:1 rather than 17:1, while braking now comes courtesy of new 380mm two-piece ventilated cast-iron front discs and six piston calipers.

The tyres are 10mm all round, and Aston has subtly - very subtly - updated the looks, taking cues from the Vantage S and vegetable-crunching N400 limited edition. A lower front bumper with aero splitter gets a larger air intake feeding cold stuff to the engine and brakes, there's a new rear diffuser and inside, Aston has fitted sculpted ‘race-derived' side sills.

A good thing made minutely better, or has this update failed to sate your thirst for more?

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Ducati Monster 795

Timeless icon

Ever since its first appearance the Monster has been an undisputed Italian-made icon, a symbol of Ducati’s unique history and the embodiment of a winning ‘less is more’ philosophy. Its seductive, essential lines represent an extraordinary balance between sports performance, sheer riding pleasure and awesome design. The Monster 795 is the definitive naked sports bike and a lifestyle icon of unmatched brilliance.

Ducati Monster 795 road test

Low-cost ownership and Ducati aren’t exactly synonymous with each other. However, with the Monster 795, Ducati enters a market that’s been waiting for an affordable Ducati. And preliminary indications are promising, not to mention fun.

In essence, the 795 combines the 796’s boisterous motor with the 696’s more conventional (and consequently cheaper) chassis. So, while your eyes are drawn in by the trademark red bodywork and chassis, and the muscular proportions, you’re also slightly disappointed by the less exotic looking wheels and handlebar controls. However, if you can turn a blind eye to these niggles, everything else is exotically Ducati. That classic Monster silhouette is as fetching today as the day it was launched in the 90s and most importantly, the 795 remains every inch a Ducati to ride - fun and involving.

Swing a leg over the saddle and the tiny proportions and aggressive riding position seem spot on. It’s a 167kg package powered by an 803cc 90-degree V-twin putting out 87bhp and 78Nm - wholesome numbers , these. However, it’s the attitude with which numbers are delivered to the tarmac that makes a Monster and the 795 is no exception. Throttle response is crisp and power delivery is typical of a Ducati V-twin - immediate and torquey. The 795 gets to silly speeds in a manner that evokes wide grins rather than white knuckles, and that’s a good thing considering the beginner markets it’s aimed at. Handling is excellent, and this Monster devours corners with a light and flickable demeanour. The brakes, like the tyres, are willing partners in crime for the chassis to terrorise the twisties.

Price-wise, we wish Ducati would make permanent the introductory Rs 5.99 lakh price tag only for the first 300 motorcycles sold in India. Doubtless, it’s going nowhere but up once the 300 are spoken for. Ducatis have always commanded a premium in whatever segment they occupy, though applying that rationale to the 795 might not be the right thing to do. Especially when the Monster 795 is such a well-rounded package and will be, for many, the first Ducati. If only aspirational value could be made more affordable.This Road Test has done by BBC Topgear.

Friday, 17 February 2012


M Power World.

High performance, outstanding technology and the true sensation of motor sports can be expressed in one single letter: M. M Power World offers exclusive information on M high-performance cars – and is the place for everyone united by a common passion: the thrill of the strongest letter in the world.
M Power World is every bit as unique as the BMW M automobiles themselves. It is where BMW M fans can obtain exclusive information on the high-performance sports cars by BMW M. And much more besides: from a direct look behind the scenes of BMW M GmbH, and an online forum for exchanging experiences with other BMW M drivers, to the service section with direct contact to the BMW trading division.

If you want to experience BMW M direct and undiluted, come and explore the virtual world of BMW M Power.
This is the brand new BMW M6

If M was a soup, BMW has ladled every last drop into this, apparently. Assembled ladies and gentlemen, meet the all-new BMW M6.

It has been given, says BMW, a "generous dose of M feeling", by which of course, it means a cosmically powerful engine and lots of oversteer.

It's the second M car to get the very highly pumped 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine - first seen on the rather smashing new M5 - and therefore boasts 552bhp and 680Nm of torque. That's more power than the Jaguar XKR-S. Power, naturally, goes to the rear wheels via a seven-speed M double clutch gearbox with launch control.

As such, BMW quotes a 0-100kph time of 4.2 seconds for the Coupe, and 4.3 seconds for the Convertible, 0-200kph in 12.6 seconds (13.1s for the drop-top) and the option of a 305kph top speed with the ‘M Driver's Package'.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS review

Finally after 10 years we have an all new Bajaj Pulsar, and thanks to its great looks it has made quite an impression from the launch day. We got some hands-on time at Bajaj’s test track near Pune to test out if the bike is as good to ride as it looks. Short answer - yes.

There's clearly no doubt that this is a handsome looking bike.
Especially with the yellow paint job, the bike looks like Bumble Bee (from the Transformers films... not the insect) has traded its Chevy Camero exterior for the new Pulsar 200 NS (Naked Street). The dual tonality if the colors second that opinion. Speaking of Transformers, the headlight draws a face which looks like the Bumble Bee (again, not the insect) in battle mode.  

The crouched stance, broad fuel tank and the high tail light add to the sporty look of the bike. It carries quite a few signature Pulsar styling elements with a whole lot of new ones and somehow it all fits very well together. What gets us bummed is the grim fact that this bike will get a ‘saree guard’ and a number plate smacked right on top of that beautiful headlight.    

The engine is an all new 199cc motor which shares some of its mechanics with the KTM Duke 200
. It makes around 23bhp of power, 18Nm of torque and is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. While riding it feels very refined and has a linear power delivery all across the rev-range. It is especially good in the low-end and mid-range where we kept the bike at 35-40kmh on sixth gear and the still it pulled effortlessly. Though we did not push the bike too hard we did manage to get to a 134kph on the straight section of the track. Stopping all that power is done by front and rear disc brakes made by Bybre (Indian arm of Brembo brakes, makes brakes for bikes below 600cc).

Riding the 200 NS is a simple affair, and though the bike might have a sporty stance it does not expect same from the rider, it is more commuter friendly than it looks. The overall seating position is fairly upright, which should be good to manoeuvre the bike in city traffic. The seat height is also higher and coupled with the short wheelbase, it gives better agility to the bike.

It does not shy away from corners, the NS 200 not only handles way better than the older Pulsar, it is right there with the likes of the Hondas and Yamahas
. The only thing that we felt that could have been better on this bike is the set of tyres. Mind you, the tyres are good for daily commute but for enthusiast riding we would suggest an upgrade.

The Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS impresses in every way. It's not only miles ahead than the bike it replaces but it also has the performance to match the best bikes in the 200cc segment on sale today in India. This review has taken from BBC Topgear.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Aston Martin V12 Zagato

2012, Gaydon: With the final design signed-off and engineering development work progressing apace, Aston Martin today reveals the first images of the new V12 Zagato (road car) scheduled for production later this year.

The V12 Zagato is the pinnacle of the Vantage range. It is also the latest expression of a successful creative collaboration that has given rise to a series of striking GT cars over the last half-century, the original and most iconic of which being the DB4GT Zagato. Not only does this masterpiece rank amongst the most desirable, collectable and valuable cars in history, its 50th anniversary provided the inspiration for the V12 Zagato .

Though commemorating a great Aston Martin of the past the V12 Zagato could be no mere pastiche of the original. Instead the project was seen as the perfect opportunity to take Aston Martin’s ethos of technology and tradition to a new and exciting level. To this end the V12 Zagato combines the modern ideas, materials, processes and technology pioneered on One-77, while remaining true to the purity and craftsmanship of its illustrious forebear.

For Aston Martin’s CEO, Dr Ulrich Bez, the V12 Zagato is “a celebration of both Aston Martin’s heritage and its future”. He continues: “Our relationship with Zagato stretches back more than 50 years. Together in that time we have created a series of very special cars. The first – the DB4GT Zagato – is a true icon: fast, beautiful and incredibly desirable. In the V12 Zagato I believe we have captured the spirit of that car and combined it with a confident twist of modernity to give it a character all of its own.”

Zagato 6 litre V12 engine
The advanced Zagato 5935cc,48-VALVE V12 engine produces a peak output of 510 Bhp (380 kW) at 6500 rpm and torque 570 Nm at 5750 rpm,  making the Aston  Zagato one of the most powerful racing cars in its segment. Accelerating from 0-100K mph takes just 4.2 seconds.Top speed is 305 KmphIt also having FULLY CATALYSED STAINLESS STEEL EXHAUST SYSTEM WITH ACTIVE BYPASS VALVES.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

New features adds to Renault Fluence

Renault India launched a new diesel variant of the Fluence recently with a bunch of new features. Available as the Renault Fluence Diesel E4 here's a complete list of new features along with some snippy snaps that we clicked on our brief hands on...

Exterior changes-
+ New Chrome finish on the window sill
+ Rear parking sensors
+ Electric foldable side mirrors/Electrochrome rear mirror

Interior - 
+ Leather upholstery
+ Dual zone climate control with rear vents
+ Auto headlamps and auto wipers
+ Cruise control with speed limiter
+ Rear sun-blinds
+ USB audio input
+ Bluetooth connectivity
+ 2 additional side airbags

The new diesel E4 Fluence is available for Rs 14.4 lakh ex-showroom Delhi and Rs 15.03 lakh ex-showroom Mumbai. Did all this just make the Fluence more appealing to you? You can think about it while checking out some pics of the updated features...

Foldable ORVM controls

Dual zone climate control panel
This news has taken from BBC topgear.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Shelby GT500 convertible

New Shelby GT500 convertible revealed

In 1992, Ford's newly-formed Special Vehicle Team (SVT) announced its birth to the world with the launch of a Mustang Cobra at the Chicago Auto show. Now, twenty years later, it has announced an anniversary model that smacks the original vehicle in the plums.

Meet the 650bhp Shelby Mustang GT500 convertible. That's right, 650bhp.

The original Cobra SVT had a 5.0-litre V8 with 235bhp, and even last year's Shelby GT500 had 550bhp. So the arrival of 100 extra ponies should cure mankind's insatiable appetite for hooning.

It gets the coupe's 5.8-litre supercharged V8 - complete with 600 torques - as well as SVT-designed Bilstein electronic adjustable dampers (available with the performance pack) with two modes, Sport and Normal, a Brembo brake setup and tuning that has resulted in this new convertible going 3.5 seconds quicker around Sebring Raceway than its predecessor. Although it might be the new illuminated side sill with ‘SVT' that contributed to the faster time.

SVT chief engineer Kerry Baldori pointed out that the convertible is a car that can mix it with both road and track. "All of the significant changes we made in the program were instrumental in delivering a convertible that could really shine on the track but can still be driven on a daily basis." Assuming that ‘daily basis' accommodates a healthy tyre budget. this news has taken from BBC topgear.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Spring 2012: Peugeot will launch its new model in the "B segment" – small, Supermini. It will be available in two distinct body styles; 3-door and 5-door.
 creating a vehicle capable of appealing to and uniting a wide variety of customers with ever changing expectations, simple renewal is no longer enough. Therefore, from the outset, the "A9" Project adopted the most ambitious specification overhaul ever undertaken by the Marque to create a vehicle which represents a true generation leap.
Peugeot has not hesitated to rewrite the rulebook, with the desire to reinvent the principles on which the success of icons like the 205, 206 and 207 were built and to "re-generate" them, to create : The Peugeot 208.

Architectural regeneration
The 208 embodies the principles of agility and efficiency. The initial technical choices make it a vehicle which is light (110 kg lighter on average compared with the 207, and as much as –173 kg with a range which starts at 975 kg), aerodynamic (Cd of 0.29, CdA of 0.61), and very compact (-7 cm in length, -1 cm in height). These benefits are accentuated by noticeably increased occupant
space, with more room in the rear seats (+5 cm at the knees) and a more generous boot (+15 dm3 in volume), proof of optimised architectural performance.
Stylistic regeneration
The 208 gives form to and refines the new aesthetic codes of the Marque. ‘Floating’ grille, light signature, ‘boomerang’ rear lamps - each detail is designed in complete coherence with the general volume, structured by a "spine" the impression of which is even visible on the roof. Sculpted, athletic, both pure and sophisticated, its style projects the Marque towards a renewed and attractive modernity, suggesting sensuousness and energy, smoothness and mischief. The two body types have been given an entirely different treatment, with a three-door version the quarter panel movement of which calls to mind one of its illustrious older siblings.

Bentley Mulsanne

Based on the configuration of an engineering classic first built in Crewe fifty years ago,The new Mulsanne engine is a V8. But while it is a fitting tribute to the original, the Mulsanne’s V8 engine has been completely redeveloped to be more refined, efficient, lighter and integrate the latest technologies.
The new GT V-8 coupe offers 12 percent less power and 6 percent less torque than the 12-cylinder model, but it costs 10 percent less. That might sound like a fair bargain, but we wonder if that narrow pricing gap does enough to decisively define these two models for what they are: the fun one and the fancy one.
The V-8 GT’s agility is mainly the result of the 175-pound-lighter engine up front, which changes the car’s front-to-rear weight distribution from 56/44 percent to 51/49. Turning into corners, you can immediately feel that balance pay dividends in steering precision and turn-in sharpness. And once you breach the stability limit, the car exhibits less tendency to understeer than the front-heavier W-12 version. With the traction control off, the stability system allows the right amount of slip to push the car into an easily controlled drift. The eight-speed gearbox also enhances the car’s agility. It shifts faster than the regular ZF six-speed in the W12 GT, which is nice when you’re at part throttle and need to pass—now.
And yet, Bentley highlights this athleticism only barely, with minor trim changes such as red “B” badges, a black-gloss mesh grille, a new three-segment lower-front-bumper design, and double-oval exhaust tailpipes. This strikes us as more of a ¬German than British approach to product differentiation. Otherwise, we’re hardly complaining. We don’t even mind that it cruises 500 miles on a tank of gas.

It’s a rare event and a privilege
"As a designer, it’s a rare event and a privilege to be asked to create a new grand Bentley - a contemporary expression of our brand. But to move forward, you must be true to your heritage. Character is everything in the quest to find a clean, pure Bentley look that feels authentic. Customers also told us they wanted a driver’s car, something powerful and elegant. So we combine classic Bentley shapes, details and proportions with a forward-looking design. When I gaze upon the car today, I’m struck by how it oozes emotion. It’s truly a work of art, made by individuals, for individuals." 

DIRK VAN BRAECKEL, Director of Design at Bentley

The all-new grand Bentley
The story of the new Bentley Mulsanne is inspired by W.O. Bentley’s crowning achievement - his 8-litre engine, a powertrain that transformed his vehicles from being rugged, sporting tourers into refined automobiles. While the Bentley Mulsanne pays respect to the past, it is also a thoroughly modern statement of luxury driving and grand touring from Crewe. At its heart, it is as much an engineering masterpiece as the 8-litre. And like its predecessor, it offers the world’s most exclusive driving experience.

Anyone who has experienced the effortless acceleration that arrives regardless of engine speed or gear selection will know just how astonishing the effect can be.  With those objectives in mind, the Mulsanne’s engineers considered a variety of engine configurations before settling on a radically re-engineered version of Bentley’s acclaimed 6¾-litre V8.

Friday, 3 February 2012



BMW has long made machines that embody its “Ultimate Driving Machine” motto, but some of its more recent products have been more emblematic of the company’s other, softer, and less focused tagline, “Joy.” For example, instead of a thrilling, satisfying roadster, the Z4 is aboulevardier  more likely to be parked among a sea of beige luxury SUVs at the country club than spotted hustling over mountain passes. Given the brilliance of nearly every other BMW, the unfocused handling of what should be one of the company’s sportiest cars is even more of a bummer.


The Z4 is now available with an extra jolt of joy.

The  Z4 sDrive35is flaunts more power, more force and more intensity than ever before. Underneath the hood, an even higher-performing 335 hp engine promises to deliver a fiercely fast ride.
3.0-liter dual overhead cam (DOHC), 24-valve inline turbocharged 335-horsepower@5900 rpm, 6-cylinder engine with TwinPower Turbo technology and Double-VANOS steplessly variable valve timing giving SAE torque 332 @ 1500. 0 to 100 Kph in 4.4 sec and Top speed is 249.44 Kph.